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by IE Lakers at 3:33 PM
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Pete, who just got let go by Laker Film Room, just got scooped up by the Lakers to produce videos and other content. Finally, some definitive good news during these s***ty times. Congrats, Pete!

I'm too dumb to post tweets, so here's a screen capture, and it's a pretty badass one too.

by KareemtheGreat33 at 2:08 AM
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The rich getting richer but could have been even better except for a fateful decision.
by wcsoldier81 at 4:31 AM
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Checking some boxscores from the past and I saw the Lakers lost in the WCSF 4-1 to the Suns despite having the best record in the league and Magic having a dominant series .

As I was way too young ( 5 years old) and never read anything about this series , can some of the older fans please tell me what happened this season and in this series ?

Thanks !
by LTLakerFan at 5:45 PM
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I thought about creating a thread for Gianna months ago while the pain was still fresh, for the unquestionably great basketball career she had ahead of her. With her love of the game and Pops's love for her and coaching her no doubt in a way she loved to be coached. From the youtube clips already out of her young exploits I thought it might be a fun depository to post them and maybe even compare to some all time great female players who have decent clips to compare to at similar young ages. It may sink out of sight but at least now it does exist here on Lakersball.

Then the notion kind of passed. But what the heck ... especially after the WNBA honored Gigi Bryant and her teammates with this below .... this is Gianna's thread. I felt like I was getting a second go round for my fandom of Kobe's career. Was totally all over following her and rooting for her and for Kobe's involvement still in the game....