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by TIME at 10:41 AM
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Shaq was talking this week about the best to never win a ring (I don't have the link). He made a good case for Allen Iverson. AI was for sure one of the greatest to never win a ring, but I don't think he was the greatest.

Here are some options:

Dominique Wilkins
Charles Barkley
Karl Malone
John Stockton
George Gervin
Tracy McGrady
Reggie Miller
James Harden
Chris Paul
Russell Westbrook (hope he's off this list soon)
Patrick Ewing
Steve Nash

But, my choice is Elgin Baylor.

8 NBA Finals
10x All NBA
11 all star games
Hall of Fame
Career averages: 27.4 / 13.5 / 4.3
Three seasons averaged over 34ppg
Best season: 38.3 / 18.6 / 4.6
Best NBA Finals series 1962 7 game series vs. C Bags: averaged 40 / 18
Best NBA Finals game: 61 points / 22 rebounds!
25 forty point games
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Recently I recorded podcasts with the lakerholics and own @OX1947 on his choices for the Top 10 All-Time Lakers (you can catch the @OX1947 episode at Joe and I are doing more shows together and I was hoping to hear from you what your Top 10 All-Time Lakers are and I will read and talk about them on the show!
by LALakersFan4Life at 9:54 PM
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He said in an interview that wanted out of Washington in 1998 and his preferred destination was the Lakers. He said he thought there was gonna be a trade involving Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell for him was gonna happen. Instead, he got dealt to the Kings. Imagine, Kobe, Shaq & C-Webb on the same team in a Lakers uniform. Would you say that would have been a great trade? How many NBA Championships would they win?