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by Zoyd Wheeler at 11:40 PM
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And there are are still 4 guys older than you on the team...which explains a lot, because I shouldn't go into it: it's your birthday!
by karacha at 4:25 PM
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Alright guys, we've been pretty negative lately... and in my opinion it was justified. We have no team identity, defense is bad, offense is clunky, Russ is playing better, but AD takes very inefficient shots, role-players are inconsistent (but that's why they are role-players). The injuries prevented us to develop chemistry and the coaching staff isn't able to deal with the fact that most of our guys are simply not playing hard.

So... I am interested in your predictions for the next 10 games. Are we going to get better, or is this what we're stuck with? Basically, is it going to be fixed soon or are we not going to be able to get our heads above .500 water for a while?

Let's see who our opponents are:

Detroit, Sacto, Clips, Boston, Memphis, OKC, Orlando, Dallas, Minny, Chicago.

Let's see who gets it right.

My prediction? I'll be optimistic and say 6-4, although realistically I'd like to say 5-5. Can we do .600?

EDIT: I loved svtzr's suggestion below, so...
by The Rock at 9:09 PM
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I'm good with it if it helps them earn revenue to pay for title teams.
by KareemtheGreat33 at 8:54 PM
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He's a keeper and showed he can play:giggle: deserves his own thread

by karacha at 2:54 PM
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We have a thread like this every year. It's an opportunity for us to see if we're making any significant improvement over the course of the season. Also, it's a place to discuss what other teams are doing without having to go to the NBA Discussion.

So, I'll start. We're playing 50% ball right now. That's not good, but it's not horrible either, considering we have 10 new players and some of them were out, including LeBron for two games. Our long-range shooting is better now (we're #4 in the league in 3pt%, and we'd be #1 if it wasn't for Russ taking quite a few), but the defense has looked pretty bad. We can't be #21 defense in the league and expect success. Here are the latest power rankings on

Other than that, who came hot out of the gate?

East: Knicks, Bulls, Heat, Wizards: 4-1.

Jazz 4-0, Warriors 4-1.

We are currently #9 in the West (3-3). Next game: Houston Rockets.