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by VladeD714 at 8:43 PM
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Yes, I know it's preliminary, but I think it's just a matter of hours/days before this "gump" (shoutout to The Wire) is fired and we can move on from him.

I've heard mentions in the "Ham" thread about who you guys want; let's just make it a thread. Moderators: if it's too early, just lock it up, obviously.

Let the search begin.

FYI: Chat GPT made the Title. LOL.
by sirronstuff at 7:12 PM
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This is making the rounds everywhere I look

Nightmare scenario for us. OKC has (3) first round picks in 2024 and (4) first round picks in 2025.

Their salaries for next year are sitting at ONLY 103 million.

https://www.sportsbusinessclassroom...y, the NBA,campaign's $136 million salary cap.

They literally could sign LeBron out right and give him a three-year max deal while burning a first round draft pick on Bronny.

They are already a contender with a bright future, and Gordon Hayward is an expiring contract and will need to be replaced.

You have a coach of the year and a great training ground for an aspiring young player to learn.

LeBron would have an opportunity to win a championship with a record fourth different team, play with his son, have a good coach, a great supporting cast, and be able to...
by LA Bron at 7:01 PM
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Idk why… but I have a weird feeling that we are landing someone huge in the offseason.

if we could pull off a 3 way with Phoenix and Atlanta where:

- Trae to PHX
- KD to LAL
- Picks and Players to ATL
Screenshot_20240422_084329_The Athletic.jpg
by JSM at 6:15 AM
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Lakers aren't very well represented this year in The Athletic's Poll of 142 active players.

Recommend reading it for the player quotes.

if you don't have the Athletic, here are the poll results


Screenshot_20240422_084356_The Athletic.jpg
Nice to see the players don't see Rudy the same way the media sees him. BUT on the flip side, AD was reduced to the "also receiving votes" category. Shared with: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nicolas Batum, Patrick Beverley, Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, Kris Dunn, Wesley Matthews, Andrew Nembhard, Dennis Smith Jr., Matisse Thybulle, Derrick White, Andrew Wiggins.
So it's not just the media who doesn't respect or appreciate AD. Only receiving .8% of the vote is astonishing to me.

Screenshot_20240422_084824_The Athletic.jpg
Hats off to Bron for players still seeing him as a franchise starter block at age (almost) 40

Screenshot_20240422_084851_The Athletic.jpg
:LLLLLebronlaughing: f*** you Gobert.

AD having the same share of overrated votes as the...
by PurpleAndGold88 at 12:28 PM
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cool hat bro ! You really don’t care about America.

So let’s just be realistic! We all know it will be that green puke team vs the America hating joker in the Finals .

maybe NY can beat the green f ugly s

Denver in 6