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by TIME at 2:07 PM
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The Lakers franchise has just moved into 1st place all time with a 17th trophy. We all know the franchise has had more than its share of great players. So, if we lined up the best Lakers of all time, against a squad of the best of the rest of the NBA all time, who would win in a seven game series? I'm using 12 man squads for the comparison. Since it's my rules, I'm not using any of the Laker choices from years where they played for other teams to play for the NBA.


Center: Kareem, Shaq, Wilt

Power Forward: AD, Pau

Small Forward: LeBron, Elgin, Worthy

Shooting Guard: Kobe, Jerry West

Point Guard: Magic, Gail Goodrich


Center: Hakeem, Bill Russell, Moses Malone

Power Forward: Tim Duncan, Karl Malone

Small Forward: Bird, Doctor J, Kevin Durant

Shooting Guard: Jordan, DWade

Point Guard: Oscar Robertson, Isaiah Thomas
by AussieLaker87 at 7:21 PM
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Congrats Luol!!! Or shall I say, champion!!!

Shall we stretch you again ;)
by Barnstable at 7:50 AM
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Your vote can be updated over the last 3 games depending on how they play, but who do you think is the Finals MVP at this moment? Who do you expect to be the MVP by the end of the Finals?

My vote is I expect it to be a Co-MVP situation between Bron and AD.
by karacha at 11:00 AM
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Remember those old threads we used to have for most playoffs teams? What's next for them after winning or losing in the playoffs? I think it's time to see what we can do to keep improving and stay relevant after the finals.

Next season will be the first one that is not hyphenated, ie. it's just 2021. Regardless of what happens in the Finals, we have a pretty good idea of what our team needs. I'd like to start with every position but would like to hear other opinions about players and coaches.

Coaching: Vogel will obviously stay. He's proven he's the right guy for the job; always poised, but fiery when he needs to be, can deal with superstars and big egos. Elite defensive coach, but I'd prefer if we could get an offensive specialist. Yes, we have stars who can just go and get you a bucket, but I'd prefer to get less stagnant and have options that are not necessarily "LeBron ball" next season.

PG: For Bron's sake and the sake of our team, he needs to stay our primary...
by karacha at 7:01 PM
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Alright. Heat in 6.

I am kidding, of course. IMO, Bron and AD are so far ahead of anyone on the HEAT roster, we should win this without too much trouble, as long as there are no injuries and we take them very seriously. Which we will. Miami is a likeable team though, those guys play hard.

Lakers in 5.