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by puffyusaf#2 at 6:42 PM
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Well here we are again. A year after falling out of the playoffs and losing to the damn Suns a new season is upon us. The WMC committee was waiting for the right time to start a new and... "the Eagle has left the building" seems as good a time.

For the new kids this thread is for your irrational hate that would make zero sense anywhere else. It is for the seething questions you have about the way our team plays in the wrong color shoes. It is for whatever your complaining hearts desire.

So here we have it the official complain thread where you can wax unpoetically about how horrible things are in Lakers land. The season is around the corner and we fans must be ready to hate on our squad like never before. Without further delay I give you.....

WMC Thread 21-22
by Alleyhoops at 1:43 AM
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Hey Guys,

Wow. What a day, eh? And to top it off, I just saw that we signed a few undrafted players including Chaundee Brown from Michigan who was way up on my wish list. So, during the NCAA tournament I filled a yellow pad with notes (hey, it's the pandemic, not much else to do, right?) and was incredibly impressed with Chaundee. It wasn't that he filled up the stat sheets, it initially was his shooting mechanics that got my attention. Hands down, prettiest jump shot in the tourney. He's 22, 6'5", 215 lbs and has an NBA body and motor. Tough as nails and makes great decisions on the floor offensively and help defensively. But that picture perfect, feathery jumper. Take a look at him on Youtube. That's how you want to teach young players to shoot the rock. His release reminds me of Donovan Mitchell's.

Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing how he does in Summer League. It will not surprise me to see him make an impact. Again, what a flippin' day!