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by JSM at 4:44 PM
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At least we don't have to swap out any marketing material involving "DJ."

He doesn't turn it over as much as Bron or Russ and could shoot the 3 before signing with us.
by showtime24 at 11:18 AM
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Could the Lakers keep Lebron and trade AD? What do fans think of this and what would be a sufficient haul for AD? What would be an acceptable return in LeBron's eyes? What about Lakers front office? Also, what would a Westbrook trade look like? He may be a bit easier to trade in the offseason, since he will be an expiring contract. Also, how do we keep Monk? Should we shed salary to get to the full midlevel exception? What do you all think of this?

I could see AD being sent to Chicago for something like Ball, Vucevic, 2022 1st, and a 2024 1st. What do you all think of that trade? I'm not sure it's enough star power in return, but then again, we saw how the pursuit of star power burned us.
by sirronstuff at 12:11 PM
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I sincerely hope I don’t wake up to a headline like this in the next couple of weeks.

Seriously, what coaches are available that could possibly be an upgrade. Who is available who would take this mess on to finish the season?

Is there a plan in place already?

Who would you choose as a replacement coach?

lock if needed, but it seems there’s a need for a dedicated topic
by JD at 9:03 PM
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My goodness, I miss Kobe.

LeBron should've played football. He is NOT GOAT.

RIP Jerry and Kobe.
by Helljumper at 4:40 PM
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There was some discussion on another topic about how bad the ESPN broadcasts are, and that got me thinking of how good our commentators are on Spectrum.

In particular, I just really love Stu Lantz.

Not to be morbid, but he’s getting up there in age, so I realized part of why I prefer Spectrum is because I want to hear as much of Stu as possible before he retires.

So just wanted to make this thread to give him his flowers and see how the rest of the fans feel about Stu.

He’s been the voice of the Lakers my whole life. He has great basketball intelligence and is one of the more unbiased announcers. When it’s justified, he’s not afraid to scathingly call out the Lakers, or give major props to the opposition. While he has some quirks that may have annoyed me in the past, at this point it’s mostly endearing.

Also love hearing some of his classic “Stu-isms”, those funny phrases that we’ve heard over the past several decades. At one point my friends and I were trying to compile a...