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by The Rock at 7:47 PM
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Enjoy this 2020-2021 Lakers squad and appreciate them. Very low chance we will be able to keep this band together.

Check out this article on big contract/roster decisions awaiting for the Lakers due to the tax penalties. Eric Pincus had a lot to say


by Wino at 9:41 AM
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Sorry for starting a new thread but I did not see one on Davis. There is one for everyone else but the Davis one must have fallen a few pages down.

Anyway, is it obvious to everyone that he is playing injured? At the end of the playoffs I read a comment from Lebron, (I think), that said his feet were completely black and blue and that he was having a hard time playing through the pain.

He did not have time to heal with the shortened off season and I believe he is playing very hobbled. He does not have the explosiveness he has in the past. I was wondering why they are playing him so much and I came to the conclusion that one, he wants to play and two, they want the team to be together at the beginning of the season so all these guys can learn to play together. Perhaps as they start to gel, if Davis is still hurting, they can rest him for awhile then. Perhaps his injuries are slowing healing as we go anyhow and he figures he can just play through it. I believe this is one of...
by The Showtime Mamba at 1:51 AM
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Something a little creative.

Post a song (preferred, but maybe just list a title) that you associate with a Laker.

I will be adding a few tracks and participating, but I thought this could add a little fun to the serious business of our decision.

It can be linked to them through, lyrics, it could be actually about them or a favorite song that they have mentioned, the music could remind you of there style of play. Maybe think of what is this players MMA/WWE intro theme or his GTA radio station signature song?

Here are a couple of examples.

Dennis Schroder makes me think of his German ancestry so I linked in my mind to Falco (Austrian technically but the song is in German) and song called Der Kommissar.

or maybe some Kraftwerk though some may go for Rammstein. I won't go the David Hasselhoff direction (that seems more a Dirk Nowitzki thing anyhow.

For Montrezl I would go for something that reflects...
by IE Lakers at 4:04 PM
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I just had an incredibly moving encounter with another Laker fan picking up some breakfast this morning.

I had just ordered some breakfast burritos when this dude comes up and says “Go Lakers,” (I was wearing a Laker cap) and I said something like ‘you know it. Let’s get #18 now’ back to him. More small talk, when he casually says that last year’s Lakers saved his life. Not knowing how literal he was being, and partly wary he was gonna start some Jesus talk with me, I said something like how it saved a lot of our collective sanity, when he said, ‘no, seriously. The Lakers really saved my life.’ That got my attention.

He went on to say how he was recently divorced when lost his father late last year, then (ugh) lost his only son to COVID this July. He had no one in his life at that point, nothing that meant anything, and had sunk to the darkest depths of grief that he decided to just end his life. (Here’s where some details are a little foggy for me but) then something reminded...