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by The Showtime Mamba at 6:04 AM
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When I was six. Local tv channel showed Laker, C Bags and maybe 76ers games. Became a fan of Magic Johnson, respected Larry Bird but was always a Laker fan.

Fast forward to the Jordan era, still a Lakers fan even though Jordan was dominating. Respected Charles Barkley, John Stockton and Michael Jordan but still a Lakers fan.

Hardcore fandom starts during the Kobe Shaq era to present day. Respected Allen Iverson, Steve Nash (until he became a Laker hoser siphoning off our cap space and picks), Dwyane Wade and too many to mention but am a Laker fan.

Lived through the Darius Morris, Sacre, Meeks, Eubanks, Mike Brown (worst coach ever) era and watched all the games I could including pre-season China games online.

F Balmer, George and Leonard.

If you joined as a Laker fan yesterday, no harm no foul. It is not a competition, just wondering how people got to be a Laker fan.