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by LakerFanIam at 9:59 PM
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For all of you who know.. Here we go again.
For those of you that don't know. This is a pictioral countdown to the Champioship.

I'll start with this.
by TIME at 8:57 AM
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Regular season done. Playoff Mode Engaged. First mission is to Get the 7th seed and face the Suns next. One Play-in game vs. the Warriors.

This thread is so we don't need to scatter playoff discussions across 5 different player threads.

I expect a win Wednesday against the Warriors.
by Barnstable at 9:10 AM
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A new member @help_nephew_graduate, asked if we can help them get data for their thesis by filling out this 25 question survey:

"This survey is part of my thesis delving into "Fan Engagement in Professional Sports". My thesis aims to see if within COVID-19 lockdowns where fan attendance was not allowed at sporting games, whether or not the lack of physical attendance negatively affected fan engagement.

For this survey I've decided to target Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors fans, as they make up the largest fanbases when it comes to Social Media following. "

Thanks to any who choose to fill out the survey and help out.
by JDLakersFan2019 at 2:02 PM
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Lakers obviously just added Andre Drummond, Nets added LeMarcus Aldridge after adding Blake Griffin a few weeks ago. Assuming both teams are healthy just looking ahead to a potential Finals matchup how would you guys feel about matching up with them?

To me our best chance would be just dominating them with our front line, which assuming AD is healthy I’d expect that to be the case. Drummond, AD, and Harrell should be able to and must impose their will on Brooklyn’s front line.

The biggest question would be if we’re gonna be able to slow down all of the fire power the Nets have on the perimeter. LeBron and KD would probably cancel each other out IMO, but that still leaves us having to slow down Kyrie and Harden.

Eyebrows were raised when the Nets added Blake Griffin and LeMarcus Aldridge, but you could make the argument both players have more question marks considering their defensive flaws.

Brooklyn obviously has so much firepower offensively not just with their three stars,...
by LTLakerFan at 12:31 PM
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:dwightcrying: ..... just saw on line that Elgin passed away. That is really sad. He was GREAT. I remember a quote once that if Julius Erving was a doctor, Elgin Baylor was a brain surgeon. He and Jerry and Chick came to L.A. and brought us professional basketball.