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by The Rock at 7:24 PM
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What are your predictions?

How do you think we will do?

What are some key matchups?

Lebron vs Kawhi who will do better?
AD vs Harrell how will that turn out?

Who would you use to guard George and Lou Williams?

Which Morris brother will have the better series?

What adjustments do the Lakers have to make going from facing mental midgets like the Rockets to a mentally strong and talented team like the Clippers?

PS Sorry folks, I got excited we won that I completely forgot the Slippers series is not over yet! haha. But why not carry a hypothetical discussion in the meantime anyways?
by karacha at 8:55 PM
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Let's go!

If the Rockets play like they played today, it's not going to go well for them.

AD needs to look like this in the second round: