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by The Rock at 8:36 PM
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Can't describe in words how happy I feel right now!

Who do you want as the Laker opponent? And what does this moment mean to you?
by The Rock at 2:00 PM
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I know we want to take it one game at a team and one series at a time but when I look at the big picture they match up so well with the remaining teams. I felt Boston might be the hardest of the 3 remaining since they beat us badly the last time we were up in Beantown. But they're down 0-2 with Heat playing very confidently.

Lakers should be able to roll with the 2 big lineups against the remaining teams which plays to our advantage.

With the bad matchups like Clippers and Bucks eliminated, Lakers should be the clear favorites right,?
by JD at 8:45 PM
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44 Comments most satisfying.

I won't ever forgive him for running Kobe into the ground, ending his career.

Never liked the hire. Can't stand the guy, or his style of basketball.