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by LA Bron at 8:55 PM
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Post your guess for what the starting 5 will look like when the season opens!
by Helljumper at 5:09 PM
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Figured it would make sense to have a thread dedicated to free agency. Somewhere we can discuss rumors, cap scenarios, and free agent options we'd prefer.

So after the AD trade, we are in play to possibly pull the trade in 30 days which would give us ~$32 million in cap which I believe is enough for a max for most of the stars? But as Marks says, I'm not sure why the Pelicans would go with that, unless it was already agreed to and part of the reason we had to give up the additional picks. Pels are trying to remain competitive so it's not in their best interest to increase our chances at adding another max player.

I still feel like we could convince one of the lower-tier max guys like Kemba or Jimmy to sign for a bit less, but I'm also fine with the scenario of splitting the remaining cap space amongst role players. I love the idea of pretty much everyone McMenamin lists at the beginning of the video...
by LakerFanIam at 10:48 PM
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KCP, Rondo, Stephenson, Bullock, McGee, Chandler, Caruso. (did I miss any?)
I'd be surprised if 3 or more of them return.
What are your hopes & guesses with these guys..?

For me it's:
1. McGee
2. Bullock
3. Rondo
4. Caruso
5. Stephenson
6. KCP
7. Chandler
by ProzacViagra at 10:31 AM
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I just dont see that the Buss family and current FO are going to bring us back to a consistently competitive level. We might get lucky this offseason, but long term, these clowns are not the answer.

Want to restore instant credibility to the franchise? Here is a plan to do so.

1. I understand that AEG owns about 25% of LAL, and has a right of first refusal if the Buss family circus wants to sell. Some pressure from agents, the league, former Lakers greats might be enough to convince the Buss family circus that its time. Make the Rambis clan fade to the back shortly. Mend fences with Magic, giving him some symbolic but meaningless position (he's a douche bag but the public still loves him).

2. Hire West away from the Clippers asap, make whoever pi$$ed him off apologize, then hire a GM who will follow JW's advice. Hire some young FO talent that can be mentored/ groomed by West to take over within a few years. It absolutely kills me that JW has done for the Clippers what...