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by RandleROFY at 12:41 PM
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Good Afternoon LB,

Rydjorker use to post on "Club Lakers." He provided scouting reports of every players the Lakers drafted or obtained through Free Agency. After Club Lakers disappeared, so did his scouting reports. I knew he posted on LG; @therealdeal suggested PMing him and getting his permission to provide his content here for Lakers Ball Users. I messaged him and it took him awhile to get back too me, but he did today; and he gave me the permission to provide HIS CONTENT.

So, I'll update this thread as we go along with scouting reports, and you can provide feedback. Disagree, agree, etc. Also, provide feedback or make changes if you guys want all of the scouting report posted or just a link given; some of the scouting reports can take up some space.
by sirronstuff at 3:44 PM
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Oops, did I spell that wrong?