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by Khmrp at 11:49 AM
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what do we do with these 2 going forward? I can't imagine either one being happy with the current playing time situation but I guess when they go and look at their bank acct. they wont be complaining. However with one being totally glued to the bench, can we even salvage Deng to someone? I offered a trade scenario on realgm along the lines of

Deng, Hou 1st, Chi 2nd for Asik, Pondexter, NOP 2018 1st pick lotto protected (not to much interest obviously lol)

As for Moz, I think we should just cut our loses this season and buy him out or stretch him, somebody out there will pickup him up and aleviate some of our cost (whatever he signs for off-sets what we buy him out for)
by trodgers at 7:28 PM
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If Calderon is bought out, who are we adding?
No one
Larry Sanders
Anthony Brown
Vander Blue
Terrence Jones
Omri Casspi
Someone else?

Some really intriguing names out there.
by trodgers at 8:31 PM
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Apparently, the Lakers acquired the rights to Aussie Brad Newley in the Huertas trade.

Newley was drafted in the 2007 draft. He's 32, and he won't likely ever play in the NBA. He's been playing in Greece. This is probably totally irrelevant, but he's essentially a Laker.
by trodgers at 4:11 PM
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1. Change in management
2. Lou for Brewer/1st
3. Huertas for Ennis
4. George rumors
(Missing anything?)

Lakers shed 11 years of player age in these deals, meaning that their likely first stringers - assuming Nick is in there - are 21, 31, 19, 22, and 25. That's an average of 23.6. Their bench is 22, 24, 31, 31, and 19. That's an average of 25.4. We're young as hell.

Lakers have put themselves in decent position to retain their first, and they've added Houston's first - likely a very late first rounder.

They did take on a year of Brewer's salary in the process.