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by KB24 at 1:10 AM
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Oh well...pretty mad, so I want to voice my displeasure in a new thread so that it doesn't go down unnoticed....

The Lakers killed their entire momentum...everything that worked out so well for them ever since the all-star break went down the drain with the trading of Russell and Mozgov for Lopez and Kumaz or whatever the dude is called.

It seems like we went back a few years with this single move. The front office did exactly the opposite of what they were preaching in the months before. Patience, stick to the youth and not mortgage the future for shortterm glory. And then they come up with the most insane idiotic asinine trade that I could have imagined.

Maybe they knew something we didn't know...oh well I get it. But if that is the case, why the F would you drive down Russell's market and KILL any value he has before trading him for pennys on the dollar. Has any #2 pick ever been treated worse than Russell was? Constantly questioning him even though overall he was our most...