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Lakers Fans!
We're producing a series of short videos for a new sports app called More about LeBron and the effect that his coming to the Lakers has had on the city and the fanbase.

We're looking for stories of Lakers fans like you to feature in the series.

1. Are you a diehard Lakers fan? What sets you apart from other fans? We want to document some of the most serious fans around. How do you go above and beyond a regular fan? Has being a Lakers fan changed your life in some way?


2. Do you have a story about LeBron that effected your life? Maybe you met him and it had a big effect on you? Maybe you know a local business that's been effected by him? Maybe you just decided to name your new baby Bron? If you've got a LeBron story, tell us.

Email us at:

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This could be in the NBA discussion forum, but we are going to discuss our playoff seed in the West and keep an eye on what other Western Conference teams are doing, so I think this is the right place for the topic. Adding a simple schedule here (Eastern times):

Some analysts thought that we were not a playoff-quality team this year. No young pieces that fit with Bron: read - shooters; Veterans that are simply not good (anymore): Rondo, McGee, Lance... Well, if you ask me, we are proving them wrong. Rondo is a tremendous leader on and off the court (and he will back very soon, since he has been cleared for some practice drills already) and McGee plays like an All-Star. OK, Lance is not amazing, but he does not hurt us in any way, IMO. We now have Chandler, who seems to be a perfect backup center for us.

Right now we are a playoff team, we have depth and are improving our defense. On top of that, if someone was doubting Bron before the...
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for the college guys in the know, who would you target with our pick? I prefer prospect that has the modern day C potential, rebs/defends and an outside shot here and there. I know we got Moe on deck but we'll need another for sure as Mcgee/Chandler aren't going to be long term solutions (I doubt we can afford to reup Mcgee if he demands a boat load of $)