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by bfc1125roy at 3:03 AM
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INB4 following excuses:
  • We've only had 2 preseason games it's too early to make judgements
  • This team is revamped with several new players. It takes time for them to gel and understand each others tendencies. We will hit our stride by mid-season
  • Lonzo Ball is injured. He's a major piece of the puzzle as far as playmaking is concerned.
Facts: If you understand how NBA offenses work, then you will be familiar with the idea that no matter the composition of the roster, how much time the players have to gel, etc... The offensive system of a team is always a constraint on their ability to be effective. Golden State from Mark Jackson to Steve Kerr is a great example of this fact.Even in the preseason, it is NEVER too early to judge a team if you understand the offense they are trying to run. And here I am going to explain why what Luke and his staff are doing is not at all optimal for the make up of our roster.

Now I know what you are thinking. "It's...
by vasashi17 at 6:38 PM
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Hey...why not start one of these?
by sirronstuff at 4:26 AM
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The organization makes it a point to be a leader in all areas, whether you agree with them all or not.

The comments tho