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by KareemtheGreat33 at 9:41 PM
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short of putting a hit on Luold, here are some possibilities in spreadsheet

by LALakersFan4Life at 3:26 PM
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First Lakers dynasty coached by this man. 5 NBA Championships. 1 NBL Championship. Died today at the age of 101. May god rest his soul. R.I.P., Triple OG.
by peterjack at 4:30 AM
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It's clear Coach Scott is unhappy with Young's play, professionalism, and overall attitude. He's tied up for a couple more years at 4+ mil and is a given Scott will not play him if he has other options. Unlike this year next season Scott should have other options so should/could they trade him? Do we want a clown like him influencing a new young team next season?
by Lakers2015 at 5:54 PM
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With the Summer League coming to a conclusion and the Lakers roster probably just about what it's gonna be. Might make a minor addition or two, but in all likelihood the Lakers current roster is what we'll see opening night.

Lonzo Ball as well as Kuzma were the stars of Summer League.

Yes it's just Summer League, but I see no reason why their skills won't translate to real basketball. Lonzo just looks like a generational type playmaker and point guard. Kuzma looks like a guy who can be that two way stretch PF the Lakers haven't had since Lamar Odom.

Then you add in the fact that they upgraded by signing Caldwell Pope and acquiring Brook Lopez. Two definite upgrades at those spots. Two legit starters at the SG and C position.

I'm expecting a ten game improvement at least. I expect Lonzo to seriously contend and probably be the favorite to win Rookie of the Year. Kuzma may take Randle's starting spot or at worst push him. Randle looks to be in the best shape of his life so he...