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Here are all the nationally televised games on ESPN/ABC & TNT:

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For any member that's a web developer, could you help with a technical issue for LB?
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So with LABron (not since '96 with Shaq, have we nabbed "the" free agent) about to make his first public appearance and announcement as a Laker today, its a good time to look at our final books, some key upcoming dates and how the rest of 2018/19 free agency has gone so far. (All sourced material is from

LA is capped out and looking at about 106.5m in team salary (roughly 4.5m above the salary cap of 101.9m) for 15 players on the roster (not counting our 2way contracts of Caruso and Wear). We're roughly 17m away from the luxury tax threshold (123.7m) and roughly 23m away from the cap apron (aka hard cap of 129.8m). We are not in any danger of paying tax or being hard capped this coming year.

Also, we used up roughly all but about 1m of the room exception (4.45m) to sign Beasley. We used the vet min exception (1.5m will show on our books) to sign McGee (who will actually get paid 2.4m since he's a 10 year vet). Other than the...
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This is Laker Player Draft Test. It creates for you a new Laker Fan Name.

  1. Step One - Pick your favorite animal and a part of the body, and write them down somewhere.
  2. Step Two - Take the Laker Player Draft Position Test
  3. Step Three - Check your answers against the current 15 drafted Lakers list to see how you did.
  4. Step Four - Look up how to conjugate your new Laker Fan Name
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