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by ProzacViagra at 10:31 AM
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I just dont see that the Buss family and current FO are going to bring us back to a consistently competitive level. We might get lucky this offseason, but long term, these clowns are not the answer.

Want to restore instant credibility to the franchise? Here is a plan to do so.

1. I understand that AEG owns about 25% of LAL, and has a right of first refusal if the Buss family circus wants to sell. Some pressure from agents, the league, former Lakers greats might be enough to convince the Buss family circus that its time. Make the Rambis clan fade to the back shortly. Mend fences with Magic, giving him some symbolic but meaningless position (he's a douche bag but the public still loves him).

2. Hire West away from the Clippers asap, make whoever pi$$ed him off apologize, then hire a GM who will follow JW's advice. Hire some young FO talent that can be mentored/ groomed by West to take over within a few years. It absolutely kills me that JW has done for the Clippers what...
by Big Mamma Jamma at 6:11 AM
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This is pretty flipping cool...

by latotokyo123 at 3:12 PM
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Hi all,

I'm from the Lakers community on Reddit and I created an end of season survey a few days ago. Would appreciate it if you can fill it out.

by Khmrp at 7:52 AM
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I'm still in line with the thinking Pelicans will not trade AD to us under any circumstances....so why not try the opposite and give them James to appease AD. Klutch gets to basically run the pelican as they see fit from top to bottom, we get #1 and #4 with a cleared deck of any drama queens, accelerated time line, etc. Maybe it becomes more appealing for Leonard to come as he'll be the de-facto star with a whole bunch of cost controlled talents. Just something to for debate, not that it'll happen but would still be a good future for us. Discuss.....