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by trodgers at 5:40 AM
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ESPN is running this story (again). Okay, I'm sure there are new details, but it's been a long time since I went back and watched this. What are your thoughts on this, now that it's nearly two decades ago?

The reffing was (I think) objectively bad, but the mistakes weren't as obviously beneficial to Sacramento as they might seem.

Calling the foul on DIvac on Horry on the floor was a bad call, but Horry was fouled earlier in the play.

Calls for Shaq to have a flagrant were absurd. He's big and went for the ball.

Kobe clearly smashed Bibby, but I'm not sure that's what refs are looking for (even the one who seems to be looking in that general direction), but that foul hurt Sacramento.


4th Q Refs
by bfc1125roy at 4:28 PM
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Just a fun idea I was thinking about. Honestly, what's the point of making the playoffs at this point? I see 2 reasons.

1) Get the young kids playoff experience.

2) Protect the team's and LeBron's reputation and signal to other teams we're serious about winning.

The first is complicated by the fact that the kids have checked out thanks to the trade rumors. Furthermore, I would argue developing the kids talent is more important than artificial playoff experience. But it's clear we cannot be *WIN NOW* with LeBron on the team and at the same time be in player development mode for Brandon Ingram and co. We have to pick one, and by signing LeBron that choice has already been made.

The team and LeBron's reputation isn't that great at this point. Most teams know we're serious about winning thanks to how public the latest FA and trade rumors have been, so this point isn't a concern.

So now that we've agreed we're in *WIN NOW* mode while LeBron is on the team, what's the best way to do...
by LaVarBallsDad at 7:09 PM
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Need I say more after the game tonight?
by Doc Brown at 8:30 PM
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4.75 million dollar cap hold this offseason, but we do have his bird rights this so he could potentially stick around.