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Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors was met with widespread “I never would have done that” criticism from former players – many of whom would have done that if they could have.

But one former great drew special attention from Durant for his hypocrisy.

Durant on The Bill Simmons Podcast,...
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I think we all knew this was coming, but in a deep and passionate Skype session, Sirron admitted that he was Roo all along. I banned him, obviously. At least we won't have to see any more poop gifs.

Actually, as you're well aware, this is to preempt Sirron's yearly, "Lakers Sign X" April Fool's post. In related news, let the poop flow.

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With news from Ireland, that TheRealDeal posted somewhere in the depths of the DAR thread, that the Lakers could be remodeling this offseason with as many as 7 or 8 guys off the roster, where do you guys rank our young guys with each other? And who/how many are you willing to give up this offseason? What is your outlook on maximizing the young guys you want to keep?

For me, my list is....

1.) Ingram
2.) Zubac
3.) Randle
4.) Russell*/Top pick*
5.) Nance
6.) Clarkson
7.) Black
8.) Nwaba
9.) Hou 1st

(Guys that aren't included: Ennis, MWP, Moz, Deng, TRob, MWP, Young)

1-3 are my keepers, 4-9 can go in a trade to get a star player back. If we end up with a top 3 pick, that gets placed at 4 in an either/or scenario where a team can take Russell or the pick, not both. IMO to adequately develop players we need to limit how many we have and get great veteran players around them. If we keep everyone and get lucky enough to keep both picks, we will be going into next season trying develop...