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by sirronstuff at 7:28 AM
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Hope everyone has a great holiday with loved ones, and if not, doing something you love to do.

I'm thankful for this great place to talk Lakers with fellow fans. Some have been here so long together it's like family. Sure, I'm the weird uncle, but every family has one.

by Lakers2015 at 11:05 PM
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My biggest takeaway so far this season watching these young Lakers (and boy has it been fun to watch them start to grow up before our eyes) is what a dynamic, great, young trio we have on our hands in Lonzo, Brandon, and Kuz.

I mean granted Ingram hasn’t been quite as good the last couple of games, but overall for the season he has just developed beautifully. Whether it’s his improved jump shot, the ability to get to the free throw line, finishing through contact after drawing it, showing he can be a #1 option at times, and just the overall assertiveness at times has been really impressive from this young player.

Then you look at Lonzo. He’s had his really good moments and his struggles. It’s no secret he was struggling mightily with his shot. I always thought it had more to do with a lack of confidence as well as poor shot selection moreso then the shot itself. That’s starting to show itself. Lonzo is taking more shots within the flow and rhythm of the offense. He’s been more...