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by TrademarkLaker at 9:49 AM
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Hey Guys,

I did an interview with Chris Martin Palmer. Lakers Reporter for the undefeated, and Spectrum Sports. He had info on the Ball family, and interesting insight about Lebron's free agency. He also is just a great dude. Thanks for the support everyone.

by LTLakerFan at 1:45 PM
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Ummm .... we seem to be jelling at exactly the right time and now have more weapons actually.

Zubac steps in with legitimate Big backup to Lopez.

Josh Barkley era has arrived.

BroLo like Julius is now being utilized properly.

Lonzo back maybe soon.

If he comes back to let's say 90% .... Lightning in a Bottle may be possible with IT playing a HUGE role.

Everyone knows they're here for the rest of the season and can ball more comfortably for nothing other than shocking the world.

Necessary to be hitting the good stuff or nowhere near out of the realm of possibility?

My gut says we have a shot.
by therealdeal at 9:52 AM
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He's not wrong... Hopefully IT brings a better attitude here.
by davriver209 at 7:24 AM
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hey guys, if this isn’t the right spot, please go ahead and move the thread. It’s old news, but I never truly followed it because of how upset I was.

So we had two rings in a row and we were going for our third. Odom having his best year and our team looked unstoppable.
Dallas dismantles us and we get swept.

Now, I’m sure most of you remember, but there was a rumor regarding Pau Gasols girlfriend and Shannon brown having an affair, and it caused Gasol to completely shut down during the season.

Was that rumor ever confirmed? Is there any validity to it? Or was it just Gasol getting old? I was just thinking about that season and how we almost did another freaking three peat.