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by Khmrp at 10:55 AM
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for the college guys in the know, who would you target with our pick? I prefer prospect that has the modern day C potential, rebs/defends and an outside shot here and there. I know we got Moe on deck but we'll need another for sure as Mcgee/Chandler aren't going to be long term solutions (I doubt we can afford to reup Mcgee if he demands a boat load of $)
by bfc1125roy at 1:00 AM
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I understand that we have struggled to play our small ball lineups properly. With Kuzma, LeBron, etc playing the 5 resulting in us giving up rebounds and easy baskets around the rim. The signing of Tyson Chandler was a sigh of relief to many fans, as now we will have somebody to give us minutes off the bench while McGee rests.

While this was a good move by the FO, I want to show why we don't have to abandon the small ball strategy just yet, but rather, we have not been executing properly. There are 3 things we can do better...

1) Transition

Let's look at a team that loves to play small ball -- Houston -- as they are coached by D'Antoni, one of the modern pioneers of this idea. In last year's playoffs they went up against Utah, who boasted the DPOY big man in Gobert. Normally, this would have spelled a death sentence for Houston in the same manner we have struggled, but we can learn from how they dealt with the mismatch and used it to their advantage....
by Savory Griddles at 8:42 AM
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I thought I'd put up a little poll. We have been drafting pretty high over the last few seasons. But I think a case could be made that our late picks might be just as good as our high draft picks. Going forward, if we could only keep either our two #2 picks (Ingram and Ball) or our two late steals (Kuz and Hart) which combo would you pick and why? Do not take salary into consideration. Just from a pure talent perspective, would you rather have Ingram/Ball or Hart/Kuz?
by sirronstuff at 5:09 PM
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Sure it's early, but we have a couple of players leading the league in very important stats, and they are not named Lebron. Props to Rondo and McGee in leading the league in FG% and Assists. Enjoy it while you can because game 2 is tonight!