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by karacha at 11:57 PM
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I will admit that - when I heard the news about AD trade - I was all about getting that 3rd star. Hey, let's get Kawhi Leonard as well, why not? If he does not want to play for us, there's always Butlers, Kyries, even Kembas who might want to.

But, the more I think about it, the more I feel we need to add some depth. Having Bron+Brow as our primary stars might (we are talking about two top 6-7 players in the league right now, both legitimate MVP candidates) be more than enough with good depth, with players who can compliment them, ie. guys who can shoot and/or defend. Who are they? Well, players like JJ, Brogdon, Green - perhaps a "Euro" guy who is a proven role-player, such as Bogdanovic or Mirotic, maybe even Rubio... you get the idea.

Let's take Bogdanovic for example: he's a Croatian player (born in Mostar, Bosnia actually, just like Zubac) who scores over 18PPG, hitting almost 5 threes a game. He shoots them @ 40%+ clip. Great energy, no issues off the court, good teammate,...
by LA Bron at 8:55 PM
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Post your guess for what the starting 5 will look like when the season opens!
by Helljumper at 5:09 PM
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Figured it would make sense to have a thread dedicated to free agency. Somewhere we can discuss rumors, cap scenarios, and free agent options we'd prefer.

So after the AD trade, we are in play to possibly pull the trade in 30 days which would give us ~$32 million in cap which I believe is enough for a max for most of the stars? But as Marks says, I'm not sure why the Pelicans would go with that, unless it was already agreed to and part of the reason we had to give up the additional picks. Pels are trying to remain competitive so it's not in their best interest to increase our chances at adding another max player.

I still feel like we could convince one of the lower-tier max guys like Kemba or Jimmy to sign for a bit less, but I'm also fine with the scenario of splitting the remaining cap space amongst role players. I love the idea of pretty much everyone McMenamin lists at the beginning of the video...
by LakerFanIam at 10:48 PM
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KCP, Rondo, Stephenson, Bullock, McGee, Chandler, Caruso. (did I miss any?)
I'd be surprised if 3 or more of them return.
What are your hopes & guesses with these guys..?

For me it's:
1. McGee
2. Bullock
3. Rondo
4. Caruso
5. Stephenson
6. KCP
7. Chandler