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by TIME at 12:35 PM
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Closed the coaching search thread. Frank Vogel is the choice. Let the criticisms commence!
by Mr. Rambis at 12:47 PM
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Hello everyone,
since I have been getting a lot of inquires about a variety of Laker topics, thought it might be best to create a dialogue here. Happy to respond to the best of my knowledge. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to ask and find out (this may take a few days, as I am currently traveling). Please do take info with a grain of salt. Basketball rumors are rumors for a reason! And I have been told info that did not materialize in the past! ;)

Mr. Rambis
by Khmrp at 3:44 PM
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I wanted to bring this topic up for debate. Its seems our FA plan is 2max or we can't be true contenders. To counter that, some may or may not agree with me but out of the 7 remaining teams (NOT counting GSW) in the playoffs, only 1 has 2 true max players (Hou, Harden/CP3). Den does not have 2 true max, I dont even consider Jokic a true max guy but he's the only one on Den that's on max deal, Bucks only have 1 max (greek), Phi has 1 max (Embiid) but I'm guessing Simmons will eventually get maxed, Tor only has 1 max (Leonard) as I dont consider Lowry a true max player either, Bos only has 1 max (Irving), I understand Gordon is paid as a Max player but his contribution currently is NOT a max lvl player, Por only has Dame on a max deal (i think). So with that said, why do we continue that stance with our FA plans IF we miss out again this yr on a max lvl FA, i.e. cont. 1yr signing and rolling the cap again? GSW is the exception to the rule, NO team can replicate what they have...
by Weezy at 11:21 AM
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We’ve already been in our offseason for a little while now, and these things have been helping me get through it. Locked On Lakers, Lakers Film Room, Silver Screen and Roll to name a few. Figured I’d make a thread because during the offseason Anthony and Pete (LFR) plan on doing shows breaking down possible draft prospects, talking about all possible scenarios for free agency, breaking down whatever coach we hire, it’s going to be good stuff. To start with here is yesterday’s podcast, it was a really good one, Jorge Sedano joined Anthony and Pete and talked the Lakers FO situation right now, what LeBron is probably thinking now and what he will in the future if this doesn’t turn around soon (George has covered LeBron since Miami), what coach would be the best fit for this team, and more

Here are the latest LFR podcasts, one from Monday on Pelinka, one from today on the Lakers coaching search, these are Pete and Darius Soriano...
by davriver209 at 9:31 PM
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i know it’s early, but all this horrid Lakers news has got me feeling blue. Be the Lakers GM and type down what you would do for the upcoming summer.

I’d throw the max at kawhi and klay, see who bites first, obviously we want kawhi more. Then I’d throw contracts at Kemba and Julius Randle. Resign McGee, try to get back Brook Lopez. I’d go get Wayne Ellington on a smaller contract.

Slide the young core to the bench.

Klay? Or kawahi?/Hart/Ellington