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I don't know if any of you noticed but @trodgers has disappeared since D Russell was traded, and also if I remember correctly he wasn't fond of the Lonzo Ball mania with us fans. He's a big part of our team here at Lakers ball! Come back trodgers!!!

by LTLakerFan at 10:42 AM
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A number of us have made clear how vehemently opposed we would be to bringing in 35 year old LBJ in 2018 if he's wanting to come to L.A. to chase more rings. Others couldn't care less about who this guy is personally because of how great a player (albeit old player by then) he is and if it means we win a ring.

What if Westbrook stays healthy, gives it his Kobe like left everything on the floor again this coming season and it's of course still not enough? He's now hypothetically open to recruiting overtures from Magic, Rob, Luke, Kobe and fellow UCLA alumnus Lonzo Ball.

Seems to me, aside from the fact I would be out of my mind thrilled to see RW here over LBJ and could root like no other for that team ..... that Westbrook would be the much better fit and add as much or more of a winning dynamic to the squad than James. Mamba like mentality. Plus be younger and motivated to be home again and have a chance at his first ring, plus...