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by Khmrp at 9:23 PM
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Few yrs back during the Jimbob era some poster made legit gripe that fingers needed to be pointed Jeannie way as well for where we were at the time and I really didnt put to much thought into that. Well 2yrs post jimbob/mitch and we're still same spot we were then as far as winning goes. I feel now those gripes n finger pointing at Jeannie is deserving now. I can overlook the fact she admitted to firing Jim far to late but its family, dont matter if youre running a 100k business or a billion dollar business, you take care of family. However my personal feeling towards her business decision has changed. I feel a lot of her decisions have been more from her heart than actual analytical thinking and comprehensive research. Main gripe with that criticism is the rob/magic hiring. Its debatable whether that is going to work out or not but in Magic case its looking worse n worse as time passes (even if he gets a 2nd max i still have my doubts about his abilities to assemble a...
by Barnstable at 11:57 PM
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We have been monitoring all of the arguments in Lakers Discussion recently, and some rules have been violated by members as well as Staff.

As a result, warnings have been handed out to the guilty parties, and we have decided that one of our staff members, vasashi17, will have his Mod powers suspended for an indefinite period of time. Vasashi17 has been a great Moderator here and on CL for a long time, but everyone has to follow the rules set here, so we couldn't turn a blind eye to any transgressions that make the atmosphere on this website any worse during these trying times.

Everyone needs to remember, win or lose, LB's rules must be followed at all times while on LB in order to create a welcoming atmosphere for all Lakers fans:

by LaVarBallsDad at 8:21 PM
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So, I think most of us think Luke will he let go after the season.

That said, pick your replacement and why you would hire them.


Just vent about the current potential (rumored) candidates that we have heard per reports.
by bfc1125roy at 2:41 AM
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Grab some popcorn everyone, because this one's going to be a long post. Since our second preseason game this year, I've criticized Luke Walton's offense for being uninnovative, and most importantly not putting our players in a position to succeed. The schemes are extremely basic, and ultimately we were outclassed by a much more efficient Bucks team. Over the course of this season, with Cranjis, LFR, and Magic himself giving Walton some heat for his terrible offense, some people have come around to realize that while our defense is bad, our offense is no better. And we need a significant change in our game planning if this team hopes to make the playoffs. While much of the media and our fanbase gives Luke the excuses of injuries, no shooters, etc. I'm going to show you why none of that has a bearing on the basis of my argument: that Luke and his assistants do not do a very good job with designing this offense.

The majority of Luke's offense is focused around trying to push the ball...
by KB24 at 1:18 AM
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Well the nightmare continues...another overrated expensive non-shooter