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by bfc1125roy at 4:27 PM
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Hi everyone, long time CL poster here (left several years ago). Great to discover the community is still thriving! Since there are a lot of smart people on this board, I would appreciate your insight into a project I am working on...

After this year's Eastern Conference playoffs, much of the media, analysts, and fans were calling LBJ the GOAT or a consensus top 2 player of all time. While I actually agree that LeBron is one of the greatest ever, it frustrated me that people tended to leave Kobe out of the discussion completely, sometimes calling him a fringe top 10 all time player. There is definitely a valid argument to put LeBron ahead of Kobe all time, and vice versa, but I don't think its completely fair to act as though he doesn't belong in the debate, and call anyone who says otherwise a "Kobe-stan." I also think most of the arguments used are very stats based and just shallow in general, as is with most media these days.

Since then, I've been working on an article to...
by therealdeal at 9:25 PM
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I'll have something on him tomorrow. If he's the kid I'm thinking of, this could be one of our more interesting Summer League adds.
by therealdeal at 8:54 AM
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I'm working on looking more into this guy. I lost track of him a year or two ago, but the numbers show slow improvement leading to his senior year where he probably took a minor step back.

Here's some old videos from DraftExpress a couple years ago.

To be honest, I don't know if those same concerns (and strengths) exist anymore. I've been watching mostly Moe Wagner stuff. I'll try to get some insight on Pope this week.