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Couldn't find an appropriate existing thread to post this, plus I thought it'd be fun to add a poll to gauge how us Laker fans as a whole would feel in this hypothetical scenario...

(Fellow mods, feel free to move or merge this thread if deemed necessary.)

Obviously, we all know this pick & our 2019 1st round pick go bye-bye if we don't land in the top 3 in this year's draft. As it sits now, the Lakers have the draft lottery's 3rd best odds at the top pick. Unfortunately, that only provides a slightly less than coinflip's shot at landing in the top 3 of the draft & keeping our pick (at 46%).

I personally really like the consensus #3 prospect Josh Jackson, and feel he'd certainly be an excellent fit on our roster with his overall skill, good defense, and elite athleticism. However, the consensus at this point seems to be that Fultz & Ball are the clear #1 & 2 in this year's draft, and I won't argue with that. Plus, if we land one of...
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Good luck at Cal, Theo. Assistant coach position is open. Who do the Lakers hire? Metta? Lamar? Nick Van Exel? Ron Adams? Gary Payton? Michael Cooper?
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The Orlando Magic may have made a grave mistake.

The team announced on Monday that they had signed Argentinian swingman and undrafted rookie Patricio Garino, which was just fine until you look closer at the whiteboard behind him.

That is very important whiteboard. It includes the names of potential trade and free-agent target


They want Deng. LMAO
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Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors was met with widespread “I never would have done that” criticism from former players – many of whom would have done that if they could have.

But one former great drew special attention from Durant for his hypocrisy.

Durant on The Bill Simmons Podcast,...