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by therealdeal at 2:13 PM
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I know we all are excited to see what Randle does with this team, but there's a LOT of new faces here. Clarkson, Lin, Boozer, Davis, even Price and Ellington. While Randle is our most highly touted addition because of where we got him in the draft, he might not even be the new Laker that plays the most for us this year.

Randle figures to fight for minutes in a pretty crowded back court. He showed some incredible strength and surprising speed/quickness in the Summer League. He showed good poise and recognition at times too. However, he also showed that he can be out of control on occasion.

Lin might end up with the most opportunity with Nash's (and Kobe's) recent injury issues. He's been around the block and then around the other block and now finds himself back where he started: earning his playing time. How far will he get?

Clarkson might be the most intriguing prospect we have. Drafted late by the Wizards and traded to us, not many Laker fans new much about him. Since then...
by TIME at 10:29 AM
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I am amped for this new season. Only two seasons in recent memory have had me as pumped. The year Phil took over for the first time, and the year Pau was starting his first full season with the team.

This year:

The Kobe saga coming back from 2 devastating injuries.
The Byron Scott reclamation project from the disaster that our coaching has been.
The Nash desperation last season of hope against hope that he can stay healthy.
The Linsanity.
The Young Guns = Randle + Clarkson.
The Castoffs = everyone else on the roster.

Soooo much to look forward to. It can't be worse than last year. It HAS to be better.
by Barnstable at 12:23 AM
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If you have a trade idea, speculating on a trade or hear a rumor from a non NBA connected source....

it all goes in here.
by John3:16 at 2:10 PM
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