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Hopefully, after tonight's game this is going to be one of the most popular threads on the forum. :rock:
by Nick the Quick at 9:02 PM
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Glad to be part of the new forum. Figured I'd start a thread for Laker tickets for people looking/selling/exchanging.

Selling @ $80/seat - face value is $94/seat: Denver, Minnesota, Sacramento, Utah, Atlanta, Detroit

I'm selling the following games for $110/seat in section 206.

$110/seat: Miami, Dallas, Washington

If you're interested in the Clippers, OKC, Knicks; just hit me up and ask.
by Barnstable at 6:22 PM
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"Ronnie Price catches the eye of Lakers Coach Byron Scott

If there has been one standout player after three days of Lakers training camp, Coach Byron Scott said, it has been point guard Ronnie Price.

Price has played nine years in the NBA, spending time with five teams before joining the Lakers as a training-camp invitee.

“Ronnie Price has been the one guy that I could look at and say, ‘Wow, this guy has really got my attention,’” Scott said. “Offensively, he just understands what we’re doing. He plays within that box, which means he plays within himself.

“He doesn’t try to do anything he’s not capable of doing. And defensively he’s a little bit of a pitbull. He just gets after people. I love that about him.”

Price is on a Lakers team that has three other point guards in Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin and rookie Jordan Clarkson, the second-round pick that L.A. likes a lot.

And Price is working on a non-guaranteed contract.

But Price has been impressive in...
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Haven't seen this here so far. So I start this thread. Think we gonna do this again for every player right? Kind of to keep things more organized I guess. I hope that is ok.

I am really excited to see Kobe finally play again tomorrow night. And it's just a preseason game :eek:. How about you guys?

As I was organizing some Links that I got saved up from the past I came along this from 2008. After what I saw in this training camp so far I am still amazed at how Kobe has been doing this for so long. Kind of old but still a good read.