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by DjBelvedere at 5:35 PM
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Haven't seen this here so far. So I start this thread. Think we gonna do this again for every player right? Kind of to keep things more organized I guess. I hope that is ok.

I am really excited to see Kobe finally play again tomorrow night. And it's just a preseason game :eek:. How about you guys?

As I was organizing some Links that I got saved up from the past I came along this from 2008. After what I saw in this training camp so far I am still amazed at how Kobe has been doing this for so long. Kind of old but still a good read.

by puffyusaf#2 at 11:59 PM
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OK! I have arrived and with me is my iconic thread of whining, moaning and complaining. AND my first WMC is Nick the Swaggy has gotten injured. What is with us and the injury bug? I hope this isn't another season of that crap.
by Barnstable at 1:48 PM
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by trodgers at 11:38 AM
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Check it out.
Kobe apparently scolded Randle for hiding in an easy line during conditioning drills...when the cameras were off.