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by LTLakerFan at 12:31 PM
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I'm dropping this into Lakers Discussion because that's the most important thing here. Which from my limited full exploration of capabilities already am impressed with the site for being a great place to enjoy it! Wow Barns..... nice job! Thank you. Am sure I will come back with more but for now ...... (where are 3 of my yellow guys saying, "Yeah! with V signs in the air" )

1. Speed .......What an upgrade! Hopefully when Lakersball has thousands more members the speed will not be affected. But wow it's instantaneous.

2. The Looks ...... Without even paying attention and trying to analyze it yet, first doing some posting, I all of a sudden realize it looks GOOD. Comfortable already. Nice aesthetics!

3. The Alert drop down in upper right is nice. I did a double take at first with one of the alerts saying (a member's name) had replied to one of the threads. And then Siri like said, "there may be more posts after this" I like it.

4. Speed

5. Speed .........
by DjBelvedere at 5:23 AM
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This guy impressed me in his first game. He did so much of what we were missing last year and attacks the basket with a force. Reminds a bit of Lamar when he brings up the ball (of course not quite at a LO standard yet) but I think we really found something in the draft.

I already like our rookies a lot.

by trodgers at 4:44 PM
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After each game, give a vote - the only rules are that you can vote for ONLY ONE person. At season's end I'll tally the votes and we'll award the season Hero.

We can add Zero if you want. But I'm all about positive reinforcement.
by sirronstuff at 3:38 PM
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Please put your online streaming links in here for those who will be catching the game online.

Popup Blocker for your browser recommended (Multiple safe streams listed here) ***Recommended***


Updated List as of 8/13/18

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