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by southbaylakers72 at 6:28 PM
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Per cbs article: Hill throws MDA under bus but also admits he (hill) was drinking last year. What will have bigger impact on this season - less booze when on his own time or b Scott? I think neither but hope hill doesn't f up his opportunity!
by LTLakerFan at 6:02 PM
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Beverly wound up starting over Lin last year at Houston, supposedly because of him being a better defender. However.... I remember reading that Lin actually did the better job on Lillard, and seeing this youtube compilation of Lin on Lillard, 4th quarter game 6.

Not a bad problem to have for us if these two guys are close, in different ways, with defending 1 on 1 good guards. We will have a good glimpse tonight pre-season against Portland if Lillard is playing. Safe to say he is a "pretty good" point guard in the league.

by Gangsterbomb at 11:09 PM
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So I was talking with some guys during the game about what the closing unit should be in the final stages of the game and I was feeling:

PG: Lin
SG: Kobe
SF: Young
PF: Davis
C: Hill

I want Boozer nowhere to be found in late games as he doesn't protect the rim/do anything on defense and I don't want Wes in the game either because he's a liability on offense. Hill is meh as well, but he provides rebounding, has a somewhat respectable jumper, and his terrible rim protection is somewhat neutralized by Ed Davis' ability to challenge shots.

What does everyone else think the closing unit should be?
by therealdeal at 9:51 AM
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The Lakers have had back-to-back injury riddled seasons. The year we had Dwight Howard we were still riddled with injuries. Antawn Jamison missed time, Hill missed time, Dwight obviously missed time, Kobe missed the end of the season...

Last year the Lakers went through not just one of the franchise's worst injury-riddled seasons, but one of the worst in NBA history. There was a game where we didn't have enough players to finish the game after Sacre fouled out...

When is it time to start pointing fingers at our training staff? When is it time to start placing blame on the trainers, therapists, and physicians that advice and counsel our players? Gary is clearly a bright man and he's been around the block, but is it maybe time for him to move on? Clearly something is not right here.

Maybe it's just time we added people to the staff to help out? The Lakers aren't hurting for money. Why don't they throw the kitchen sink at the training staff in Phoenix? There needs to be movement in...
by southbaylakers72 at 1:31 PM
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For anyone who saw the mid 2nd QTR on last night against Utah. Regardless of why it happened, was it me or did it seem like the players on the floor were actually defending pursuant to some kind of 'scheme' and actually a 'plan?'

I blinked my eyes a couple of times watching Price step out to defend and then see helpers coming with rotations down to baseline that felt like I was watching Horry, Fox, Fish, Kobe out there. I know it wasn't but did anyone else see that?