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by southbaylakers72 at 11:28 AM
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so if kobe averages 20 ppg x 164 games that puts him past MJ but shy of Malone but within striking distance. Knowing how competitive he is (and how malone hit on his wife) - bets on kobe signing another 2 year deal in 2016 to stay with lakers and take less $ as both thank you to lakers for the opportunity to both get no 6 and 7 and pass Karl and build a dynasty to pass the torch to?
by southbaylakers72 at 10:33 PM
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tonight the role players played much better.

hill hitting shots. Lin playing aggressive. Ellington looked good. Wes sucked. Kobe only had to score 2x in second half and lakers were in the lead.

Could the loss of randle actually have worked to settle down the team and allow them to feel their moments and solidify rotations?

Loss was due to failure to stop Crawford but lakers shut down cp3 courtesy of lin and price which is a look that lakers haven't had in a while. Defense at guard position.

Sure it's still a loss, but anyone else happy with this one?
by Gangsterbomb at 4:43 PM
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I'll post continuous breakdowns and analysis of the Lakers/Basketball here (Mostly offense), when I have the time.​

Overview: There has been very little to like from the Lakers offense thus far... and when I say very little, I mean almost nothing. Watching the first two games of the Lakers season has been like watching a car crash straight onto a wall almost every single possession.

The funky thing about the Lakers' level of ineptitude however, is that while I know that SOMETHING HORRIBLE is happening overall when I watch them play, I sometimes can't figure out WHAT EXACTLY has gone wrong because there's SO MUCH GOING WRONG that it's hard to keep track of.

The only way to truly break down all of these miscues then, is to go frame by frame and analyze as many plays as possible. Here we go!


The play starts with Wes handling the ball after a Suns miss. (ha..ha..ha..) The Phoenix defense is not set, therefore the...
by ILikeLakers at 12:57 PM
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I think so.

Surely after seeing him in action, someone might unload a couple of players and draft picks our way. It's going to be tough to ask Bryant to shoulder the burden you see going on right now vs not competing for a championship.

This is basketball purgatory for Bryant, with no hope for help.
by LALakersFan4Life at 12:06 AM
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It's brought a lot of bad luck through the years of him wearing it. 2008 Finals, everything about the horrible 2013 season, Kobe and Nash injured again in 2014 and now Steve, Nick and Julius' injuries. Bring back the elbow band and put it back onto your left elbow, Kobe. That has brought us 5 NBA Championships.