Post A Theme/signature Tune For A Past Or Present Laker Player

Discussion in 'Lakers Discussion' started by The Showtime Mamba, Dec 27, 2020.

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    Something a little creative.

    Post a song (preferred, but maybe just list a title) that you associate with a Laker.

    I will be adding a few tracks and participating, but I thought this could add a little fun to the serious business of our decision.

    It can be linked to them through, lyrics, it could be actually about them or a favorite song that they have mentioned, the music could remind you of there style of play. Maybe think of what is this players MMA/WWE intro theme or his GTA radio station signature song?

    Here are a couple of examples.

    Dennis Schroder makes me think of his German ancestry so I linked in my mind to Falco (Austrian technically but the song is in German) and song called Der Kommissar.

    or maybe some Kraftwerk though some may go for Rammstein. I won't go the David Hasselhoff direction (that seems more a Dirk Nowitzki thing anyhow.

    For Montrezl I would go for something that reflects his energy and motor


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