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When Jerry West talks to Kawhi Leonard during the Clippers Meeting:

Jerry West: Kawhi, I, we, want you to come to the Clippers. We’ll build our whole team around you.

Kawhi: :::blank stare:::

JW: Son, do you know who I am?

Kawhi: :::blank stare:::

Steve Ballmer: Jerry tell him about your nickname.

Kawhi: :::blank stare:::

JW: I’m the Logo, I played for the Lakers and. After my playing days, I put Showtime together, and then I put Kobe and Shaq together. I’m responsible for the Lakers dynasties.

Kawhi: :::blank stare:::

JW: I convinced the Warriors they had to sign Kevin Durant. Btw, I’m also responsible for their current dynasty.

Kawhi: :::blank stare:::

JW: Aren’t you going to say anything?

Kawhi: All I heard was Lakers and Warriors.

JW: No son, what I’m saying is, I’m the one who built these dynasties.

Kawhi: :::blank stare:::

JW: I’m a genius for spotting talent when I see it and then acquiring it.

Kawhi: Then how come you didn’t convince the Warriors to draft me...
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Since this looks like a topic people want to discuss, let's keep the discussion here.

For my own involvement, if this Podcast will be an official LB podcast, I'd have a few requirements:

1. I would want to create the graphics to align it to the look of LB.

2. I am not organizing this, so my involvement would depend on what is needed. I don't necessarily need to be a big part of it.

3. I would only allow a quality podcast to be hosted and have the Lakersball name, so if yall make it, the podcast would have to be quality. that means good audio, interesting topics, etc.

Feel free to discuss and organize in here
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Can Kuzma be the Lakers 3rd star with their championship aspirations? If they viewed him as the 3rd star how does it change their free agency approach ?