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by therealdeal at 9:01 PM
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Hey all, sorry I had to go to the gym and get a sweat on.

Quick thought: I liked Bonga a year ago as a draft and stash. He's 6'9" and plays a lot of PG for his German team. He's an interesting athlete and body type with a ton of length, but not the quickest guy. I dont expect him to come over right away, but a decent stash.

I'm not sure why we traded for him, but it's unlikely a high 2nd would be worth much in next year's weak draft.
by Alcindor at 4:56 PM
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Pick as many as you want, lets see who nails it. No edits. Poll closes 6/27

edit: you will have to post you you voted for if you want future bragging rights for being correct :)
by Barnstable at 10:28 AM
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Hey everyone,

Its almost Summer once again, and as a part of our continuing effort to improve and advance as a forum, Id like to hear why you choose to come to LB for Lakers discussions and news?

In particular, let me know about anything you especially like that we can control, like the look/style of the forum, speed, user interface, etc...

Especially if you weren't a migrant from Club Lakers, what made you stay with LB the first time you came here?

This kind of information will give us more direction in how to improve the forum