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by Barnstable at 10:28 AM
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Hey everyone,

Its almost Summer once again, and as a part of our continuing effort to improve and advance as a forum, Id like to hear why you choose to come to LB for Lakers discussions and news?

In particular, let me know about anything you especially like that we can control, like the look/style of the forum, speed, user interface, etc...

Especially if you weren't a migrant from Club Lakers, what made you stay with LB the first time you came here?

This kind of information will give us more direction in how to improve the forum
by TrademarkLaker at 3:21 PM
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Hey All just posted an article for my site. Wanted to hear what you guys think of potential moves the Lakers can make this off-season.

The Lakers are rebuilding, no surprises there, but they are closer than many might think to challenging the leagues best. The Lakers plucked Head Coach Luke Walton away from the Warriors assistant coach nest. LA has also shaped their front office to mirror Golden State by bringing in a player agent to GM their team. Lastly, both owners are cutting edge and hate losing.

Without question there is a strong connection to how both franchises run their business. On a macro level everything is verbatim. The Lakers are even building their foundation through the draft. Which Golden State capitalized on for years, and even still do.

Steph Curry, Klay...
by LakerFanIam at 11:19 AM
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Since we're facing a very uncertain offseason here with limitless possibilities, I thought it might be cool to have a thread dedicated to sharing our offseason hopes & predictions.

I'll start.

- Keep at least 3 of the Young Core of Ball, Ingram, Kuzma & Hart together. Only consider moving one if it means bringing in a great player &/or shedding Deng.

- Aquire Paul Gearge

- Explore deals to move or stretch Deng's contract.

- Explore deals to aquire big name Non-Free Agent. i.e. Kawhi, KAT, etc.

- Try to retain Randle if Cap allows.

- Fill out roster with solid Veteran role players.

- Stay the F away from Lebron James.

**Not sure where I stand on IT. May be interesting to keep around if the price is right.
by therealdeal at 12:32 PM
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Might as well get this started now.